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Virginia J & Storme DerykIn Love, we are Deryk & Virginia. In business we are Intimate Tickles LLC., Adult Romance Parties .

As a couple with 25 years in the home party plan business, 30 years experience in web design and online marketing, 20 years of corporate law, 30+ years in parenting (and still learning!), and almost half a centuries experience in life – we chose to embark upon the world of adult romance and sex toys party business.

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Intimate Tickles is so much more than a romance products home party company. We offer more than 1500+ romance enhancing products, including lingerie, spa products, pheromone induced fragrances, lotions, potions, party favors, intimate furniture, and more.

Romance, Passion, Pleasure

It’s no secret that most individuals compare companies before signing up as a Consultant. Due Diligence is not only your right, it’s the right thing to do! We have helped take the guess work out of your search by listing many of the benefits offered by Intimate Tickles.

We encourage you to check out all details with a company before signing up.

Many times, if a company does not list the benefit in their literature or on their website, it probably doesn’t exist, or you may have to pay for it out of your compensation. We are confident that when you investigate the alternatives, you will understand why so many Consultants have applied to become Intimate Tickles business owners, and are living their dream and loving their life!

As one of the newest and most elite romance enhancement home party plan companies in the country, Intimate Tickles is dedicated to providing superior customer service, outstanding business opportunities and tasteful presentations of our high quality products. We empower our team to have an extraordinary life, both personally and professionally, while enriching our customers’ lives and intimate relationships through education and sensual products designed to enhance romance and pleasure.